Morgan. Here's a quick video. Not very clear but hope you like it. What a
ferocious little puppy!! That roll didn't have a chance.!
Saad B. Jarrah
Internet & Fleet Manager
Hoehn Mercedes-Benz
Hello Morgan this is the puppy I got from you about 3 to 4 weeks ago
as you can see life is just fine we love him and want to Thank you so
much for bringing this bundle of joy to our home!

Dear Morgan,
I'm writing to let you know that we are very happy with the malti-poo
puppy we got from you in July.  You took very good care of her.  She
has already had her 1st two vaccinations and  was pretty much crate
trained by the time we had her (about 9-week-old).  She slept all night
in the crate the very 1st night!  She is such a loving, adorable puppy.  
We named her S'more.  Everyone in the family fell in love with her.  We
feel very lucky to have found her from you.  Thank you!  Cheng

Mia is very healthy and happy dog! We are very pleased
with the breeder and would recommend her to any people
looking to take care of a dog. She did all of Mia's  shots and
made being a first time dog owner easier and more