Thank you for helping us bring our puppy home.  He is absolutely the
sweetest little boy and extremely SMART!  He's almost 4 months old now
and he's graduated puppy training classes with ease.  Everywhere we go
people want to hug and play with him because he's so soft, fluffy, and full
of energy.   Again, thank you for helping us bring home a new addition to
our family.  We love him very much!
Thank you and have a great day!
My experience with Morgan was super. The dog (we call her Feebee) was
exactly as described. Morgan provided all the paperwork about the dog
and everything checked out perfectly with our vet. There is no more
loving dog than Feebee and we are immensely grateful to Morgan, Rosy -
Mission Viejo, CA
Rosy Mazzucchelli
Hi Morgan,

Just wanted to send a quick note and give you an update on Marley. He
continues to thrive in our home, and we can't imagine life without him.
He is a real character, to say the least.
I found out how to send photos from my phone and will be getting some
shots of Marley and send them to you soon.

Have a great night.

Hi Morgan,

We got a MaltiPoo puppy from you a little over a year ago. She was
returned to you from a family that moved back East that names her Kitty.
I've wanted to send you pics of her and tell you how she's doing but lost
your email address. I've just found it again.
We named our puppy Mia. She is child #3 in this house and is, of course,
our baby and he only girl so she is SPOILED beyond compare. The crate
training went out the window on night #4 when my husband couldn't bear
to let her cry. She sleeps in our bed.
She is very protective of us even with her small size. She is very smart
and is very well loved by everyone in our family.
I have attached pics of her in action. She helps me with my knitting &
crocheting; Okay, she mostly lays on my yarn and watches me. You'll see
her in her home made 'Princess' costume, complete with tiara, from
Halloween and you'll see her with my son in their Christmas finest.
Thank You for her. She is the sweetest little thing, and a perfect addition
to our family.

The Lynch Family
I bought my Maltese May 2010 from Morgan.  Gracie was a few months
old at the time, yet already knew several commands.  It was obvious to
me talking on the phone to Morgan (several times before we met) that
she loves her babies.  When I was introduced to Gracie, played with her
and held her, Morgan put a pair of goggles on her and she didn’t mind
them!  I was sold -- Gracie has a great temperament.

She is the younger (abit larger) sister to my Yorkie and they love each
other. They sleep side-by-side, play together and run to kiss each other
when one is out of sight for even a few minutes.

Gracie and I went together to Obedience Class and she was the star!  
We continue to challenge her and she continues to surprise us how
quickly she learns new things.

I will definitely buy another Maltese from Morgan.  She cares deeply for
these babies, thus nurtures loving personalities in them.

                                                     Jerri M.