We bought Bentley our Maltipoo from Morgan July 2017 he is our
first dog, and we could not ask for a better puppy than our little
Bentley! Since he was a new born puppy we sent in a deposit but
had to wait awhile to get him... During that wait Morgan was very
good about sending pictures and videos each week of our growing
little boy. I could tell by each email that she cares allot about the
puppies, and wanted a good home for them all. We drove from
Lincoln NE to Seneca Kansas to get him and it was the most eager
road trip I've ever been on to finally be able to get our first fur baby!
He is such a Loved Puppy and it was More than worth the Drive to
get him! Paige and Sam
I recently bought a Maltipoo puppy from Morgan and he is
Healthy Happy and Loving. Tucker is house training fast. We
are in Love and thrilled with the new addition to our family.
Tucker is such a sweet puppy. Thank You Morgan We Love
him! Ellen Moore
I bought my Maltese from Morgan about 15 years ago and from the
moment I meet BayBee I had an instant bond with her as I felt she
had with me too. She has become my constant companion.  I must
admit she is very spoiled and she pouts if she does not get to go for
a ride everyday. So even if I am not going out I will drive her to our to
the local golf course, just all in a days work keeping her happy! LOL
Morgan and I became life long friends after buying BayBee, I realized
her high morals when it comes to her dogs and her puppies!.
Thank You Morgan for bringing BayBee into my life. There is not a
day that goes by that she does not make me smile and laugh. :o)
After losing my beloved Maltipoo of "23" years, I was heartbroken. A
month passed my life was empty with out "Amigo" After having many
breeds of dogs over my life time I discovered my favorite by far now is
the Maltipoo. I went searching for what I had lost on CraIgslist a male
Maltipoo puppy. My timing turned out to be miraculously "perfect" I  
found Morgan. After seeing her website so well done and so professional
as well as seeing additional photos of this adorable male bundle of white
fur, chasing his sister and being so playful I told Morgan "he's perfect I'll
take him" After realizing she was in Seneca and I was in Denver it did not
matter to me. I had 3 days off and I drove the 8 hour trip 550 miles one
way to pick up my bundle of Joy. After seeing the parents and the
puppies and how the interacted with and totally adored Morgan who is
very sincere and devoted caring for the obvious loves of her life, her
dogs! I knew I had made the best decision. There is nothing like the
"unconditional love" that is something no human can give you like a dog
will. Thanks you Morgan for this beautiful gift you assisted in creating for
me. I will be forever "grateful" July 2017
                         Joanie Harvey Denver Colorado.