PLEASE BEWARE of puppies that are too cheap as they come
across the border from the puppy mills and they are usually
sick with PARVO which is death sentence to most puppies.

DO NOT let someone bring the puppy to you or meet you any
where as, when you discover the puppy is sick, they have
simply changed their cell phone numbers and you will have
absolutely NO RECOURSE.

PLEASE go their home and see the environment in which the
puppies have been raised and look at both parents then make
your informed decision !

As for Shipping- I would NEVER ship one of my puppies and
shippers are not usually honest or reliable. They want money
first and you have no guarantee they will even ship a puppy
much less the puppy you are hoping for. There are also too
many airline shipping nightmares, where the puppies die.
Make a trip of it and go get the puppy yourself!

GOOD LUCK in your search for your new family member and